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Transformation: From Campus to Workplace - "English + Cultural Tourism" Lectures by Renowned Teachers and Masters

On the morning of June 11, 2022, hosted by the Student Office of the Tourism College and organized by the Department of Tourism English, the latest issue of "English + Cultural Tourism" Lectures by Renowned Teachers and Masters was held online as scheduled. The theme of the lecture was "Transformation: From Campus to Workplace", with senior human resources expert Ms. Wen Hua and Zhou Ming, a teacher from the Psychological Quality Education Center of the university as keynote speakers. Some senior students of the Tourism College listened to the online lecture.


From studying to job hunting, from academic success to career success, college graduates need to complete a series of complex tasks such as seeking guidance, switching perspective, role, study direction and human relations thinking, achieving self-reflection and self-breakthrough. In order to save the time and cost of newly graduates, improve their chance of employment, and provide them with more theoretical and practical methods that can be used for reference and application, this lecture mainly includes three segments: mentality, skills and interaction.


The whole lecture was conducted in the form of interviews, and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. In the mentality segment, Zhou Ming first guided the students to compare the differences in identities, mentality and human relations between the campus and the workplace, inspiring them to think about the quality professionalism requires, helping them rebuild their sense of control over life. Then, in the skills segment, Ms. Wen Hua covered the hot topics of job hunting such as employment information channels, corporate recruitment process, resume writing, interview skills in detail by leading the students through the “Workplace Newbie's Breakthrough" flow chart. By studying specific cases, she delivered in-depth explanation and analysis of phenomena and rules in the workplace in simple language, and interacted with students to answer any questions they have in the process of job hunting, guiding students to pay attention to their own changes and boosting their confidence. At the end of the lecture, Ms. Wen Hua encouraged the students to always maintain a positive and enterprising spirit, acquiring the ability of continuous learning, seize the opportunity of employment, and bravely undertake the mission of the new era!


The keynote speakers provided students with tools to discover their own advantages from different aspects, and demonstrated the perspective and thinking of employers with typical case study and online interaction, which greatly enhances students' understanding of professionalism and helps students adjust their state of mind during the epidemic as well as recognize workplace misunderstandings, helping students achieve a successful transformation from campus to workplace under the current special circumstances.

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